J Patrick McCosar

J Patrick began working with Viper Guitars in September of 2017. J plays in several bands in Southern California including "Augmented Chaos" and "August Redmoon". J has been playing classical, rock, jazz and country guitar for over 25 years. He partnered with Viper in 2017 to design his Signature model Viper Edge

Ronny North

Recording Artist Ronny North began working with Viper Guitars in April of 2017. Ronny has specific technical requirements in order to play at the blazing speed that he does. As a result of this partnership, The first Ronny North Signature Guitar, the RN1 was produced. Based on the success of the first guitar, Ronny and Viper partnered again to build the RN2 and the RN3. Ronny uses all three guitars on stage as his primary guitars. 

Jimi Bell

A giant on guitar, Jimi has used his talent's to work with many top artists in the industry. Previous bands include the Geezer Butler Band, Thunderhead, and Metal Church. In 2005 he joined House of Lords where he remains as the lead guitarist. He does studio work for sports giants like ESPN, WWE, Impact wrestling, and NASCAR. In addition, he invented the "Shredneck", a guitar practice and warm-up tool.  

Affiliates and Partners

Gia G

Gia G is an instrumental guitar player out of Boston, MA. She released her first song and music video The Chase in Dec 2013 which did extremely well. She has a huge online following and endorsed by several companies. She currently is writing and recording songs with her band "Devil in the Mist". She partnered with Viper Guitars in 2018 to design her signature 7 string left handed Viper Legacy

Lloyd Wallace

Lloyd Wallace a.k.a " Dr.Scary " is a Michigan based guitarist who has a reputation of being one of the most intense and over the top shredders in the area. For the past 30 years, Lloyd has been playing in various bands all over the Midwest, most recently with his solo band Dr.Scary, HairMania, Black Sea Burial, and is currently working on his 2nd solo CD. He partnered with Viper Guitars in 2018 to design his signature Viper Edge