Hey! I'm Jeff Heitmann. I have owned and played guitars for over 30 years. I am an Engineer by trade and have always had a fascination with how things work. Over the years I have enjoyed the art of woodworking, building furniture and home finishing. Several years ago I decided to challenge myself by blending my two favorite hobbies, Guitars and woodworking.  Thus Viper Guitars was born.

I recognized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to  find good quality, custom built guitars.  The big guitar stores were filled with generic, lower quality guitars that did not interest me. I did a lot of research on guitar construction, component selection and availability, and finishing techniques. My guitars are not made in a big factory with automated CNC machines, stamping out lifeless, low quality guitars. Every one of my guitars is crafted in my own shop, with care and feel for a finely finished instrument. If you are looking for a fine guitar, unique to your own specifications, you have come to the right place.