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The Viper Guitars Artist Family


New Artist Endorsement Information

An endorsement agreement with Viper Guitars is a partnership between us and the Artist. If you are just looking for free stuff, you have come to the wrong place. An endorsement means we are working together to benefit artist exposure as well as drive sales of Viper product. We are selective on who we endorse and decision is based on a number of items.


1. The artist should have an established track record of successful recordings available on larger media platforms. 

2. The artist routinely performs live in nationwide venues, and ideally internationally.

3. The artist has a large and positive social media presence on multiple platforms.

4. The artist needs to represent the image and values of our company.

Each endorsement agreement is private and tailored to each artist, and not all of them look the same. Endorsed artist may receive product at a discount in exchange for positive promotion and advertising. If you are interested in pursuing an endorsement from Viper Guitars, please reach out to us via the contact page and we can initiate a discussion. 

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